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Bavaria’s Largest Hotel Fitness Studio

Sportschule KINEMA | Neukirchen beim Heiligen BlutOur fitness studio offers everything you would expect from modern fitness facilities and so much more. Since the fitness studio was opened in 2002, we have been continuously breaking new ground to ensure that we keep abreast of the latest developments in sports science. We have also been developing training concepts and enhancing routines. Our commitment has paid off quite considerably and our guests have also been able to reap the benefits.


Direct Access from Your Hotel Room

Our services are as individual and varied as our guests’ requirements. The only things that are off the rack in our fitness studio are the fitness clothing! Whether you want to lose weight, tone your figure, bulk up your muscles or engage in preventative health care training, rehabilitation training, senior fitness or high performance sports,  we will tailor a fitness programme specifically to meet your needs, which will help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and healthily.

 - Cardio area with upright and recumbent exercise bikes, stairwalkers, rowing machines and much more.
 - An extensive range of equipment
 - Separate area for coordination training
 - A substantial weightlifting area with dumbbells and barbells
 - Desmodromic training apparatus
 - Highly qualified trainers and advisors
 - Individualised consultations on fitness and nutrition
 - Spacious serviced bar area
 - Altitude chamber
 - Performance diagnostics

We are very proud that we are able to offer a range of diagnostic tests in-house that meet the highest quality requirements, including muscle function tests and comprehensive performance diagnostics.


Fitness and Performance Training

More recently, we have been welcoming increasing numbers of top performing national and international professional athletes who come to train in our performance area. We are of course delighted to also welcome amateur sports enthusiasts and patients undergoing rehabilitation programmes. The guests who use our fitness facilities sometimes vary immensely in age and level of fitness and we consider this to be extremely positive.


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