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Customised Beauty Treatments

Whether enjoyed alone or with company, beauty days are a treat for the soul and help you to feel relaxed, positive, radiant and full of energy. This feeling will last long after your stay at our Wellness & Spa Hotel. We are pleased to offer a fantastic range of massage and cosmetic treatments, including  manicures, pedicures, therapeutic baths, facial treatments, body packs, body peel treatments, wellness massages, hair removal, Ayurvedic treatments and much more ...


Kosmetik im Sport- und Wellnesshotel

Beauty Treatments by Gertraud Gruber

We feel a strong affinity with Gertraud Gruber’s philosophy: beauty, as is the case with health, occurs when the body, spirit and soul unify and are in harmony with each other. This is why we have chosen to exclusively use products from the Gertraud Gruber range. Carefully prepared plant-based oils, a fine selection of medicinal herbal extracts, isoflavone, vitamins that protect skin cells, enzymes, minerals, trace elements, natural scents and subtly fragrant essential oils are some of the high quality ingredients. They are carefully blended to ensure that they work perfectly together and then combined with the best active ingredients and processes that have been developed by modern science.


Head to Toe Treatments

  • Basic Manicure
    Hand bath, cuticle and nail treatment, short hand massage (approx. 55 min). €35
  • Paraffin Wax Manicure (without polish)
    Hand bath, cuticle and nail treatment, aloe vera peel, hand balsam, paraffin wax bath, short  hand massage (approx. 75 min.) €48
  • Wellness Manicure
    Hand bath, cuticle and nail treatment, aloe vera peel, hand massage, nail polish (approx. 75 min.). €48
  • Basic Foot Treatment
    Foot bath, nail treatment, removal of hard skin, short foot massage (approx. 55 min.) €35
  • Wellness Foot Treatment
    Foot bath, aloe vera peel, nail treatment, removal of hard skin, foot massage, polish (approx. 75 min.). €48
  • Additional Application of Nail Polish
    During a treatment €6
  • French Polish
    During a treatment €10
  • Paraffin Wax Bath
    A highly effective and comforting wax treatment that makes the hands look beautifully smooth, including a peel treatment and hand massage (approx. 30 min.). €25

Treatments for Teenagers (up to 17 years)

  • Teenager Facial
    Basic cleanse, peel treatment, deep cleanse, short massage, active facial mask, final treatment (approx. 55 min.) €45
  • Teenager Manicure or Pedicure
    Nail treatment, polish incl. nail decorations, short hand or foot massage (approx. 35 min.)  €20
  • Teenager Massage
    Back treatment (approx. 15 min.) €15
    Full body treatment (approx. 35 min.) €35


  • Basic Facial
    Basic cleanse of face, neck and décolleté, peel treatment, (steam treatment), eyebrow correction, deep cleanse, face and neck massage, active facial mask*, final treatment (approx. 75 min.) €56
  • Wellness Facial
    Basic cleanse of face, neck and décolleté, peel treatment, (steam treatment), eyebrow correction, eyebrow and eyelash tint, deep cleanse, face and neck massage, active facial mask*, ampoule/serum, final treatment (approx. 95 min.) €79

    (*masks tailoured to suit your skin type)

  • Hydro-wellness Treatments plus Facial
    Therapeutic – effective – natural that will immediately give you a visible lift
    Basic cleanse of face, neck and décolleté, peel treatment, (steam treatment), eyebrow correction, deep cleanse, hydro matrix fleece strip massage and mask, final treatment (approx. 75 min.) €56

    You can also book the following additional services that can be carried out in addition to your treatment:
    Eyelash tinting
    Eyebrow tinting €4
    Women’s facial hair removal €5
    Active ingredient ampoule €5

  • Bio-release Head Massage
    Pure relaxation for the mind and soul. “Heal the soul through the body.”
    This special massage for the face, scalp and neck area has been specifically devised to gently release muscle tension and blockages. Try the bio-release treatment and treat yourself to a holistic relaxation experience. (Approx. 35 min.) €35
  • Energising Lifting Facial
    Activate your body’s own fountain of youth
    A concentration of high-quality active ingredients derived from Andean kernel oil and the application of pressure on specific acupressure points, have a gentle effect on the body’s energy channels and associated organs. This fortifies the whole body and stimulates the body’s own defence mechanisms.  A visibly more beautiful complexion and a delicately rosy and vibrant looking face. (Approx. 35 min.) €35
  • Exquisite Eye Treatment
    An attractive glance and a friendly smile express more than a thousand words.
    Our special eye and lip care products protect your radiant eye area and your enchanting smile. Selected active ingredients smooth out your eye area and make it appear firmer. High-quality ingredients act like a mini rejuvenation treatment for this delicate area of skin. So that your complexion stays as radiant as ever. (Approx. 30 min.) €29

Individual & Additional Treatments

  • Extras for the face (not available as part of a facial)
    Eyebrow tweezing €8
    Eyebrow tinting €6
    Eyelash tinting €10
    Removal of facial hair from the chin for women €9
    Eyelash and eyebrow tweezing and tinting €20
  • Special Treatments
    Eyelash Perming - give your eyes a makeover!
    Eyelash perming makes your eyes appear larger, it holds the shape for a long period and gives the eyelashes an expressive curl. It also works if you have short eyelashes. The curl lasts for 6-8 weeks. Your eyelashes and eyebrows are also tinted during the treatment. (Approx. 50 min.) €25
    Wellness Ear Candling Treatment + Head Massage
    It improves the circulation in the ear, it has a releasing effect on the whole ear, nose and throat area and elicits a feeling of comfort. (Approx. 35 min.) €38

Body Wrap Treatment

  • Cellulite Treatment
    A special treatment to help drain excess water, assist de-detoxification and tighten up the problem areas on the stomach, legs and buttocks.  Also suitable if you suffer from water retention, cellulite and weak connective tissue. During the treatment we will pamper you with a comforting hand massage and a cup of herbal tea. (Approx. 55 min.) €49

Wellness Baths Approx. 15 min.

  • Whey protein bath €20
  • Orange blossom bath €20
  • Rose petal bath €20
  • Lavender flower bath €20
  • Relaxation bath (mixture of flowers) €20
  • Cleopatra bath €20
  • Beer bath €20

Body Peels & Body Packs:

  • Shea Butter Peel "cleansing - smoothing - luxurious"
    - South Seas magic   
    - White chocolate
    - Orange
    Approx. 35 min. (incl shower) €32

  • “Refreshing - Moisturising”
    - Alpine Balance salt peel approx. 35 min. (incl. shower) €32
    - Seaweed Peel approx. 35 min. (incl. shower) €32 
    - Ayurasan Balsam leaves the skin feeling velvety smooth, soft and invigorated
    - Body Perfect Body Cream intensely nourishing, smoothing, regenerating
    - Vitamin Cream Pack with beeswax enables stressed skin to regenerate more quickly
    - Alpine Balance Body Butter comforting, nourishing, invigorating, soothing, therapeutic. Approx. 35 min. €39
    - Seaweed Detoxification Pack removes excess water from the body, detoxifies, boosts the metabolism and the circulation and creates wonderfully firm and smooth skin!
    - Classic Salt Mud Pack detoxifies and boosts the metabolism. Approx. 55 min. (incl. shower) €39


Body Treatments

  • Skin Experience
    A body peel treatment removes dead skin cells and prepares the skin for the following treatment by making it particularly absorbent. Gently massaging the cream pack into the skin tightens and rejuvenates the skin and tissue, providing a special treat for the whole body! Approx. 55 min. €59
  • Skin Magic   
    Our skin experience body treatment followed by a back massage to alleviate any tension. Approx. 75 min. €79


Classic Massages

  • Classic Back Massage
    to reduce muscle stiffness and provide stress relief (approx. 15 min.) €20
  • Classic Head Massage
    Stimulates specific nerve zones, tension is released (approx. 15 min.) €20
  • Foot and Calf Massage
    Hits the right spot after sporting activities, stimulates blood flow (approx. 15 min.) €20
  • Facial Massage
    (Approx. 15 min.) €20
    (all treatments can be made longer as required (doubled))
  • Reflexology Foot Massage
    Our organs have the capacity to self-heal and this power is stimulated by the massage (approx. 35 min.) €34

Pamper Massages

  • Aromatherapy Massage
    Essential oils are combined with a relaxing massage. The body is able to relax due to the soothing effects of the massage and the different aromas, which relieve the body and mind of any stress (approx. 55 min.). €51
  • Anti-stress Massage
    A full body massage that combines classic massage, aromatherapy massage and head massage (approx. 55 min.). €59
  • Vitality Massage
    A foot and leg massage that stimulates the circulation, along with a soothing head and back massage (approx. 55 min.). €59
  • PANTAI LUAR (Herbal Compress Massage)
    The compress is infused with the finest oils and warmed through. It is then rubbed over the body with rapid movements, which enables the body’s own healing system to be activated.
    Damaged cells are removed, existing cells are activated and new skin cells are generated.  
    Back treatment (approx. 15 min.) €20
    Full body treatment (approx. 55 min.) €68
  • Hot Stone Massage
    Hot stones open up the energy centres allowing you to feel completely and deeply relaxed and fully at ease.
    Back treatment (approx. 15 min.) €20
    Full body treatment (approx. 75 min.) €75
  • Lomi Lomi Massage
    A full body massage using traditional Hawaiian massage techniques that clears any deep blockages and releases an unforgettable feeling of comfort and warmth.
    Lomi means to press,  to knead, to rub.
    It is one of the most highly esteemed massage techniques as it produces an exceptionally profound feeling of well-being (approx. 115 min.). €105
  • Hot Chocolate Massage
    Warm shea nut butter - luxurious - relaxing - regenerative (approx. 55 min.). €69
  • "Garshana" Silk Glove Massage
    A classic Ayurvedic silk glove massage. This massage is carried out using a glove made from raw silk. Depending on how it is used, it can create either a soothing or a stimulating effect. Garshana boosts the metabolism, stimulates the lymph glands and the circulation, and firms up connective tissue. (Approx. 55 min.) €59
  • Tibetan Honey Massage (Back)
    A massage that uses a special tapping technique on the back and joints. The honey is worked deeply into the connective tissue. Disruptions in energy flow within the body are smoothed out using special massage strokes and this has a positive effect on a wide range of pain conditions. This also detoxifies connective tissue, improves the structure of the skin and improves fitness levels.
    (The honey massage is not recommended if you have a tumour, an infection or an allergy to honey. The honey cannot be applied to open wounds, skin rashes and to backs that are particularly hairy!)
    (Approx. 35 min.) €38
  • Brush Massage
    A massage that stimulates the circulation. A massage that stimulates the circulation,  boosts the body’s natural defences and helps to improve the structure of the skin. (Approx. 35 min.) €32
  • Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Full Body Oil Massage)
    This Ayurvedic full body oil massage is extraordinarily pleasurable for the skin and the soul. Abhyanga calms the nervous system, reduces fatigue, alleviates sleep problems and revitalises the circulatory system and lymph flow.
    (Approx. 75 min.) €82

The Ayurasan Method (the source of beauty)

Ayurasan body treatment

  • Warm foot bath with Ayurasan products.
  • Dry massage using raw silk gloves (garshan).
  • Abhyanga full body massage with Ayurasan body oil.
  • Quiet time.
  • Residues of cellular metabolism that are released through the Abhyanga method and are bound to the Ayurasan body oil are removed with warm aromatic elixir compresses. Ayurasan body balsam is applied and gently massaged into the skin.
    (Approx. 95 min.) €91

The Alpine Balance Method (lymph stimulation)

A detoxifying and relaxing body treatment.

  • Warm foot bath with aromatic elixir.
  • Alpine balance salt peel treatment.
  • A massage using a goat hair brush that stimulates the lymphatic system.
  • Massage with alpine balance body butter/oil.
  • Quiet time.
    (Approx. 95 min.) €101 + goat hair brush to take home


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