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Performance Diagnostics And Training Planning

Our performance diagnostics include analysis and testing methods, that provide information about an athlete’s current state of physical health and also his or her endurance and performance levels. It provides the output data that is required to generate an individualised training programme and subsequently ensures that progress can be monitored and managed as effectively as possible. Our capabilities range from training area analyses, muscle function testing and Somatom testing to isometric / statistical maximum strength measurements.

Training in the Best Company

Even in the early days, our Sports School was able to earn an excellent reputation for performance training Initially our wide range of facilities were principally used by athletes that were based locally, however, for some time now we have been fortunate to be able to welcome top performing athletes from across the whole of Germany to our Sports School. These athletes come from a wide range of disciplines. Our services are not tailored to suit one particular type of sport or the type of training that would take place in a training camp, which means we can offer the advantages of balanced muscular training that is compatible with all types of sport. Whether a triathlete, alpine skier, inline skater, powerlifter, weightlifter, footballer, or any other athlete ...

Höhenkammer Training | Sport- und Wellnesshotel Waldschlößl


Hypoxic Training in the Altitude Chamber

The benefits of altitude training for high performance athletes have been recognised for approximately 50 years. Ongoing scientific research continued to demonstrate its positive effects. Since then an altitude camp has formed an integral part of training in many sports disciplines which are used when preparing for major competitions. This is why we invested in this method of maximising athletic performance a few years ago. Theoretically, we are able to transport our top athletes up to an altitude of 8,000 metres.

Boxtraining wie die Profiboxer | Sporthotel Waldschlößl

Boxing Training just like the Professionals

For several years now, we have been able to welcome top athletes from the world of amateur and professional boxing to our training facilities where they have prepared for their next championship fights. For example, European champion and number one in the WBO (World Boxing Organisation) world rankings Robin "Haxhi" Krasniqi trained on our premises and the former WBO world champion and reigning European champions Robert Stieglitz and Dominic Bösel, WBO intercontinental and WBA continental champions have stood alongside other exceptional athletes in our permanent boxing ring.

Alongside the many facilities available within our Sports School, there is a variety of specialist training apparatus available for the athletes to use. And not forgetting our local mountain, the Hohenbogen, which is regularly used for mountain runs.

Performance Training in Our Swimming Pool with Counter Flow System

“Keeping your feet on dry land” is not part of the training programme here. Our swimming pool is equipped with the most up-to-date counter flow system and provides a full body workout, whether you choose to  swim for kilometres on end or opt for quick-fire sprints. Performance athletes will quickly find that there are no limits at our Sports School ...

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